High standard Fish Smokers – ideal for the smoking of fish, meat or sausages. The different types of food preparation have inspired us to create a modular smoking system that combines a smoker, a barbeque, as well as a hot stone. With our modular system, you have the opportunity to prepare some delicious foods for family and friends or simply sit beside a cosy fireplace in your garden. An additional option is the handmade stainless steel pot and the corresponding holding rack to prepare delicious stews and hot pots. You could also use the hot stone (“Theuma” slate or soapstone) to prepare some lovely nibbles, such as meat or vegetables. To learn more about our products for smoking and barbeques, simply click through our collection "Lucullus" and convince yourself about the diversity of just one product.

Stainless Steel Smoker for Hot and Cold Smoking


Smoker, BBQ and Patio Fire, in combination with a stew pot

The thought of a modular BBQ system to prepare a variety of different delicious meals, especially throughout the summer period, gave us the inspiration to combine a smoker, a BBQ, a patio fire and a stew pot in one product.

All our products have been published several times in books and magzines, such as for example in "Räuchern und Grillen" Weltbildverlag 2005 and 2006, ISBN 3-8289-1703-08.

Over 500 customers have bought and positively responded to our BBQ and Smoking system. This product is 100% made in Germany, manufactured and supplied under the highest quality standards.

Model Lucullus 3 - Complete Version

Allows hot and cold smoking
Includes additional smoke extension to cool the smoke down before it reaches the smoker 
Temperature Control to monitor hot and cold smoking
Fat collection tray, to avoid fat dropping into the heat
Easy assembly and disassembly for easy transport and storage 
Total Height approx. 1,6m, Diameter 30 cm
Material: Stainless Steel 1.4301
Surface finish: brush finish
Double the capacity due to 2 level within the smoker
Capacity: i.e. 12-14 trouts 180g each per level
Possibility to smoke larger fish, such as morays of approx 1m length
Kit includes:
Fat collecting tray, thermometer and lid, 2 piece extensions, 2 pieces extensions for cold smoking, hanger for fish 

This product is advertised directly by us, the manufacturer, and we take complete responsibility for the supply of high standard quality products.

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